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Grow Your Vision

The unpredictable and ever-evolving marketplace can be scary to navigate, CPI Financial Services will manage your portfolio to make sure it aligns with your needs and objectives every step of the way.

 While each investment will have its own process, we make sure each follows our risk-managed approach. We believe that a strategy that seeks to avoid significant market downsides allows more potential for upside returns.

Our Product, is "Peace of Mind"

Managed Portfolios


Indexed Annuities

Retirement Planning

Structured Products


Hedged Equity Strategies

Self-Directed Mgt


Income Planning

It is natural to feel overwhelmed when trying to plan for your future. Often times, it can cause even more questions than answers. With us, we want the money you worked hard for today to make a better future for you tomorrow. We will help develop a plan taking into account all financial aspects of your life and make sure it supports your overall objectives.

Tax Planning

We perform a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation or plan to ensure that all elements work together to allow for the lowest taxes possible. Crafting a plan that minimizes how much is paid in taxes becoming tax efficient. Tax planning is an essential part of an individual investor's financial plan. Reduction of tax liability and maximizing the ability to contribute to retirement plans are crucial for success.

Retirement Planning

Your retirement is an essential part of your life. We will design a plan for your retirement goals and objectives no matter where you are in starting the process. You’ll be able to breathe a little easier, worry a little less and enjoy life a little more knowing this key essential to your life is a top priority with us.

Wealth Management

You have goals and dreams. Our mission is to not only help you reach your goals and dreams, but to maintain to and through your retirement. With our strategic services and plans designed specifically for you, we will create, preserve and manage your wealth.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

"Live Life On Your Own Terms" this is the goal of retirement.  Those that know how to help their clients accomplish this understand that the retirement equation we must solve for is based sole on two variables: 

1. Obtaining the lowest tax rate possible in retirement, and

2. Maximizing cash flow for as long as the client wishes to remain in retirement

The Best "Tax Savings/Elimination" Retirement Platforms

Retirement Benefits Summarized

We strive to use the right strategies to achieve this goal, only through proper understanding of a clients financial positions both now and in the future can this goal be achieved.

The "Starting Line"

Retirement Pie Chart

Steven Covey stated in his book "7 Habits of Highly Successful People," to "Begin with the end in mind."

Statistics show that most mountain climbers die not on the ascension up the mountain, but on descending (going down the mountain).  Don't let your years of hard work go to waste because we took more care building our retirement than we do strategizing how to keep it in retirement. It's time we had that conversation....

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