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Management Consulting

Our firm understands and has authored publications dealing with compliance to IRS regulations.  We train boards on fiduciary responsibility, educating them on how to conduct organizational affairs in proper fashion.  Don't let the IRS pierce your corporate veil!  Establish your corporate structure on knowledge and understanding.  Consulting Services include:


  1. Business Plan Development

  2. Strategic Planning

  3. IRS Negotiations

  4. Government Contract Procurement

  5. Tax Lien Removal

  6. Administrative Outsourcing

  7. Business Funding

Management Training


  1. Corporate Administration Protocol

  2. Fiduciary Education

  3. Process Management

Labor Administration

  1. Development of Policy & Procedure Manuals

  2. Development of Personnel Manuals

  3. Hiring & Firing Practices

  4. Document Filings

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